Monday, December 6, 2010

Internship at an Internet Startup Company is opening up another internship round for applicants seeking experience in a young entrepreneurial environment in Las Vegas.

Pricefalls, LLC, is an internet startup company is an online marketplace that puts emphasis on the falling price auction (The Dutch Auction) and fixed price (flat prices like at the store) listings. We have adopted this "descending price" auction model, and modified it to meet the demands of the online auction market.

On Pricefalls product prices decrease over a fixed time interval until the product is purchased, or reaches the lowest offering price (the "Price Floor"), at which point the product is taken off the market.

During the auction shoppers are free to purchase items at the current offering price (the "Catch it Now" price), or bid on items by setting an "If it Hits" price, which automatically finalizes the transaction if the offering falls to that price. In contrast to other online auction platforms, the Pricefalls model creates a bargain-shopping environment for quality merchandise.

This internship opportunity is for two months, during which your primary objectives will be to:

1. Increase brand awareness through social media, blog, and trade show outreach a. Social Media outreach will include compiling deals, shopping tips, product comparisons and more from the Pricefalls platform and effectively communicating them through social media outlets like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, StumpleUpon, Reddit, etc.

b. Blog outreach will include direct communication with blog administrators and frequent posters in order to gain coverage about new deals, features etc. on the Pricefalls platform.

c. Trade shows outreach will include going to various tradeshows in the Las Vegas area in order to make them aware of the Pricefalls platform.

2. Increase store sign-ups through direct communication with business owners a. Calling business directly is a useful technique for getting businesses to sign up for a store on Pricefalls. We will coach you on the various types of calls that are made and the way in which they should be conducted.

3. Assist with management of product inventory a. Corporate Store owners get help with listing products and managing their inventory. You will assist in creating bulklists and managing products within stores

4. Acclimate to the Pricefalls business model in preparation for possible future employment a. Last year we conducted a similar internship program and hired one full time employee as result. This year we are bringing on more interns then last in hope of being able to attain long term quality employees.


5. Rent - You will be provided an apartment and will be living with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 other people. We will provide you with specifics on the living arrangements before April 1st.

a. Transportation - You will be provided with transportation to and from the airport when you arrive. Furthermore, you will be provided transportation to and from your apartment and work each day.


6. All utilities at the apartment will be covered. Furthermore, you will be provided with lunch each day.


7. You will have the opportunity to earn commissions through acquiring new businesses for Pricefalls. For each Corporate account, you will earn

$15 and for each Frequent account you will earn $10. You will be spending approximately 35% of your time each day attempting to acquire new businesses in some fashion.

NOTE: Must be confident with using Microsoft Excel.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Chad Casey


Creative Director

Marketing Director


Telephone: 1-866-503-9799

Cell: 954-675-8829



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