Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Southern Teacher Agency Job Fair

Southern Teachers Agency is the oldest teacher placement agency in America and is a free resource for teacher candidates.
We hope that you will post this announcement about our major teacher recruitment event February 23 - 25, 2011.
Hundreds of administrators from private & independent schools will be attending the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Schools, and many of these administrators will be interviewing candidates from STA at the conference.
To be eligible to attend the STA Fair in Washington, candidates must apply by January 28, 2011. For more information, please go to our website:
Important note: Private schools certainly value candidates who have gone through a teacher certification program, but they have the flexibility to hire graduates to teach in their major. For example, many schools will hire a math major who wants to teach math. So please distribute this information to education majors and liberal arts majors who want to teach.
Thanks for your consideration. If you have questions, we would be delighted to speak with you. Or you may visit our website for more information:
Katie Campbell
Southern Teachers Agency
(434) 295-9122

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