Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last Minute Summer Jobs


As the school year winds down and summer is almost here and paid jobs are hard to find, some of your students might still be looking for a summer position. Well, good news! We still have several jobs available for qualified and experienced students looking for a summer of hard work and lots of fun.

In the past many of you have been nice enough to forward along my message and flyer to your students, I am hoping you will do so again to let your students know about our current job openings.

That said, I have attached a flyer that contains more information about the positions we still have available this summer. Working at a summer camp has a lot of benefits. In addition to competitive salary including travel allowance, the possibility for internship credits, board and room ~ the following are also huge incentives:

(1) Working with children makes you feel good about yourself.

(2) Camp is a great place to find out if you would enjoy a career working with kids.

(3) Camp provides a setting to develop skills - including leadership, teamwork, cooperation, motivation and organization.

(4) Camp staff form deep and long-lasting friendships with other staff members and campers.

(5) Working in the out-of-doors, in a beautiful setting, is a great change from school or work in the city.

(6) Camp is FUN.

We would really appreciate if you would post our flyer and available job opportunities for your students. Again, we are happy to help students receive internship credit if possible for school. Thank you so much for your help!!



Kat Martin

Camp Kamaji

Assistant Director

From May 27th- Sept 1st: 218-335-6612

Chicago Office: 773-857-3378

St. Louis Office: 314-721-0475


Online Enrollment form:

Read Kamaji's blog:

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