Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teach in NYC!

My name is Lauren Kraus and I am a Recruitment Manager with the New York City Department of Education’s Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality (TRQ). In my role, I am tasked with finding the best new teachers available to fill vacancies in our critical shortage areas, including special education and science. The New York City Department of Education takes closing the student achievement gap seriously. Since 2002, graduation rates have increased 29 percent, and over this same time period, Black and Latino fourth and eighth graders in New York City achieved greater gains in both math and English than their White and Asian peers, narrowing the socioeconomic and racial achievement gap. We fully understand that our excellent teachers are responsible for these accomplishments.

As part of our commitment to constantly increasing teacher quality, we are interested in working with recent graduates from your college to help them join our team.

Even though we live in an uncertain economy with unclear hiring projections, we believe that NYC schools will have some need for external candidates in special education and science, and to a lesser degree, secondary academic subjects, foreign languages* and English as a Second Language. Even with limited opportunities, applying to the New York City public schools right now allows candidates some benefits they won’t receive through other school districts’ application processes. These benefits include the following:

· New Teacher Finder Support: Candidates who meet our screening criteria become members of our New Teacher Finder, our system where principals search for eligible teacher applicants. As a New Teacher Finder member, applicants are also eligible to attend webinars and chats on a variety of relevant topics for new job seekers.

· Interviews for TRQ Select: TRQ Select is a program for our highest potential candidates. TRQ Select members get access to a recruiter and other high-level support in the job search.

· Invitations to Events: Applicants in the New Teacher Finder may also be invited to our I TEACH NYC Tours or our Principal Panels, depending on demand. I TEACH NYC Tours are recruiter led tours of some of our successful high-need schools; Principal Panels are events where our principals give advice to new teachers on conducting their job search and making their first year of teaching as successful as possible.

Our first deadline for applications is February 28, 2011. Candidates who apply by this date and are accepted into the New Teacher Finder will be eligible to attend exclusive webinars on resume and portfolio development for new educators. Please encourage all new students who you feel have the potential to work in our schools to apply at All Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality services, as well as other information on becoming a NYC teacher, including salary and certification, are also detailed on our website.

Please register and attend an upcoming online information session. We will be hosting several online information sessions (Webinars) that will inform you of your next steps with regards to finding a teaching position in our NYCDOE public schools. Information sessions are posted on our website on an ongoing basis at – please look under “upcoming events” at the bottom of the home page. Information shared is the same in all information sessions – so simply pick a time and date that best suits your schedule and register and attend. Regardless of the information session you attend it is important to note that I am the point person from this Office for your college should you have any questions. Once you register you will receive an email with login instructions. Registrants should mark their calendar for the event, and save the confirmation email, as they will need it to access the event online.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 718-935-4199.


Lauren Kraus

Teacher Recruitment Manager (Recruiter)

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