Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NC State University Research Technician Opportunity

Research Technician: NC State University is conducting projects focused on the conservation, captive propagation and life history of freshwater mussels. We anticipate having funds to hire one individual part-time (20 hrs a week) as a technician to assist with laboratory and field work. Work will hopefully begin between mid-March and early April 2011 and will last for 18 weeks.


- Perform routine care for and maintenance of juvenile and adult freshwater mussels and stream fishes in a laboratory,

- Assist in the propagation and culture of freshwater mussels,

- Assist in performing field surveys and collection of freshwater mussels (snorkeling and wading)

- Assist in monitoring culture ponds in Butner and Asheboro, NC

- Assist in conducting some fish collection through seining and backpack electrofishing

- Monitor and maintain water quality in lab recirculating systems,

- Maintain data and records on fishes and mussels in the laboratory,

Necessary Qualifications:

- Must be working towards or have completed a Bachelor of Science degree (or equivalent) in biology, fisheries and wildlife sciences, zoology or related field,

- Good organizational skills and attention to detail,

- Good data collection skills,

- Ability to work well alone as well as work closely with others,

- Physically fit and able to work long hours in and around water and under potentially adverse weather conditions,

- Must be able to climb ladders and carry up to 40 pounds,

- Must be able to swim, snorkel and be comfortable in water,

- A North Carolina driver’s license (or ability to obtain one).

Other Preferred Qualifications:

- Experience in the care of aquatic animals

- A background and interest in streams and aquatic biology

- Experience surveying freshwater fishes and/or mussels

- Experience paddling a canoe

- Experience with tools, plumbing, carpentry, etc.

Pay: $10/hr

somewhat flexible but primarily within regular business hours Monday - Friday

Interested individuals: Email cover letter and resume or CV to Chris Eads ( by Feb 23, 2011

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