Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teaching/Coaching Positions (History/Spanish) - Virginia

Woodberry Forest School, a boys boarding school in Central Virginia has two possible teaching/coaching openings for next school year. Spanish and History.

We definitely operate on the Teacher/Coach model and we are always looking for outstanding candidates. Our teachers are well paid and receive housing and meals. A member of the Woodberry Forest faculty teaches four or five sections a day, has an afternoon responsibility two of the three seasons of the school year (usually coaching an interscholastic team). All of this impacts the teacher's life as much as the student's. We truly need people who can be successful manifestations of the mythical "triple threat"-- a committed teacher, a strong coach and a willing and effective part of a residential life program, moreover, a willing and effective colleague.

Thus, our hires are never simply for a teacher, they always carry at least three other puzzle pieces that have to align in order to make the opening a possible fit. Each departing faculty member takes his or her unique set of skills with them as they leave, and we have to figure out the mosaic of how to fix that through our hiring. This makes the January to April part of the year a complicated adventure.

If you know of a candidate please have them learn about us at

If they would like to apply they should send a cover letter, resume, and list of references to

Steve Culbertson

Academic Dean

They should also copy:

John Thiel

Director of Athletics

Woodberry Forest School


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