Thursday, March 24, 2011 Spring Intern or Volunteer Position

766 Turnpike Street

Canton, MA 02021

Job Title: Spring Marketing Intern or volunteer position.

Part time or Full Time Position

If you are interested please reply by e-mail only to has the Internship or non paid position you have been looking for. is the world’s most successful company finding living altruistic organ donors for people needing transplants. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

National Advertising Campaign Starting this Spring. will be unveiling its national television, radio, newspaper, magazine and billboard advertising campaign with many celebrity endorsements. The celebrities will be from, movies, television, sports, politics and the music industry. Many of the celebrities will be our patients, donors, associates, volunteers, and advocates of National Public Relations Campaign has been featured in many media outlets such as THE NBC TODAY SHOW. A short list of some of the many places that have done profiles on include: The TODAY SHOW (see video at ), on NBC, People Magazine, ABC, NBC and CBS News, NightLine, CNN, CSPAN, FOX News, the Discovery Channel, CBS News Sunday Morning, Sabado Gigante, Univision, Telemundo, New York Times, Washington Post, USA TODAY, Anderson Cooper 360., to name a few. receives a lot of press, three movies are currently being filmed about us and a reality television series is being produced about us.

· You will be working closely with CEO of, marketing firms, The Hollywood Awards, The Hollywood Film Festival, Hollywood producers and television and sports stars, politicians and seasoned program marketing managers to help develop our marketing/advertising and help evolve campaigns from scratch; including our National Advertising Campaign, National Public Relations Campaign, and our Direct Mailing and E-mailing of Educational Materials campaign.

· You will be assisting managers, producers and directors with maintenance of advertising and marketing projects including television shows, movies, being done about

· Small projects will also be provided for the intern to manage- including developing marketing support for our sales team.

· Experience in Photoshop or similar program is a plus.

· You will be pulling and reading articles for potential quotes and news videos that can be used in advertising and on television.

· You will be producing and distributing our Press Releases.

· You will be creating ideas to drive more traffic to the site and to build awareness.

· You will be shadowing department members as much as possible to gain knowledge of the job.

· Direct Mailing and E-mailing of Educational Materials. You will be creating educational materials to be mailed out patients and donors, and also handed out at dialysis centers explaining to patients about the alternative of finding a living donor through This will be a regular monthly mail and e-mail campaign to strengthen the goodwill of We hope that the success of the Marketing Campaign will increase awareness about the alternative of living donors for patients around the United States currently struggling with the transplant process.

Qualifications: Must be a current or past college student.

Please contact Paul Dooley at or call at 781-821-2204 if you are interested in applying for this internship. Career services employees may feel free to call me with any questions.

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