Friday, December 2, 2011

Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality

Dear Prospective Teachers and Colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in our NYCDOE public schools. I am taking the liberty to summarize important next steps for all prospective candidates in order to help facilitate the journey to becoming a NYCDOE public school teacher.

For a full time position there are two parts you need to complete:

For Teacher Certification:

  • You will complete an online application with the NY State Education Department at: (teachers)
  • You will follow the guidelines for fingerprinting at:, (If you were fingerprinted in NYC then you will complete the OSPRA 104 form and send it in; if you were fingerprinted outside the 5 boroughs of NYC then you complete and send in the OSPRA 103.

For full time employment as a teacher:

  • Your first step is to complete in full an online application on . Please complete by the posted deadline - though you should complete it by early March 2012 in order to be eligible for most of our spring support opportunities.
  • Your second step is to familiarize yourself with the following websites:
  • o which posts important information and is updated constantly -especially between March and the end of August
  • o which is where you can find information on everything about working in our school community and look at all of our school's individual portals - this is also where you get school specific phone numbers and addresses to do your outreach. Remember we do not place teachers- you must do the direct outreach with principals
  • o and finally please feel free to join our social networking page which has helpful information:

Once you have completed your application and you are found eligible by pre-screeners - meaning your essays meet our standards and you can show you have or will have certification by either attaching the required documentation (Letter from the College indicating they are applying on your behalf to the State for or you upload the certification itself - then you will be allowed to be part of the New Teacher Finder which is a hiring support online search tool for principals to view you and for you to indicate your interest in positions.

When New Teacher Finder members log onto their applications, they see a portal of resources and information, including a history of communication from the Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality and a list of event invitations. Members are also eligible to attend bi-weekly webinars and chats that are scheduled between March and August every recruitment season. Topics last year included:

Resume Writing

Mastering the Interview

Powerful Portfolios

Teaching in the Bronx, Central Brooklyn and District 75

Financial Management (sponsored by Citibank)

I highly recommend you look at Teachers of Tomorrow schools ( and new small schools that opened up within the last three years – you can use the search engine to locate these.

Please note that your social security number will be used once you are hired in order to enter you into the school’s budget. Some principals or school secretaries may ask you for a file number - however, the system has changed and file numbers are issued once you receive your first paycheck.

Please feel free share this information with anyone interested in becoming a NYCDOE public school teacher. I highly recommend you register for an online information session via our website!

Please call me should you have any further questions.

Lauren Kraus

Recruitment Manager, Office of Teacher Recruitment & Quality,

65 Court Street Room 312 Brooklyn, NY 11201


Phone: (718) 935-4199 Fax: (718) 935-5715

Everyone who aspires to teach in a NYC DOE public school must complete relevant application materials by the posted deadlines. The earlier you complete a superb application the better!

Application Deadlines will be posted during the second week of January 2012 on when the new hiring season’s TeachNYC Application launches!


You will need to upload proof of certification on the TeachNYC online application using one of these documents:

Proof of Eligibility (for

(Do not forget to apply to for certification!)

New York State Students

Letter from College/University stating that:

> You are in good standing

> You are scheduled to meet certification requirements for September 2012 or before

Copy of [unofficial] transcript indicating you are enrolled in or have completed student teaching

Out-of State Students

Letter from College/University stating that:

> You will be recommended for a (must indicate) “type and level” teaching certificate upon completion of graduation for September 2012 or before

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