Monday, February 20, 2012

Assistant Customer Service Manager for G&K Services in Dayton

COMPANY NAME: G&K Services Inc
JOB TITLE: Asst Customer Serv Mgr-Dayton


The Assistant Customer Service Manager will support the Sr. Customer Service Manager with all aspects of the customer service experience through the phone, web and email channels. This position will develop the tactical execution of the customer service departments for their primary locations and work with counterparts/other locations to align strategy and approach. In addition, tthis position will be responsible for upholding the Customer Service Commitment and drive industry leading customer satisfaction results and retention.

- Team Leadership: Assist Customer Service Manager with developing the customer service strategy and providing direction to a team of Leads and customer service representatives.
- Assist with ensuring the customer service strategy is effectively and consistently deployed, from the proper translation and communication to the tactical day-to-day plan.
- Team Building/Development
- Assist with recruiting, interviewing, retaining and effectively training, coaching and developing the customer service team. Responsible for conducting routine monitoring and coaching sessions to assist with individual and team development
- Processes and Procedures
- Assist Customer Service Manager with developing call center standards, processes and procedures and corresponding training to ensure consistent and aligned processes within the division. Assist with strategies to reduce/eliminate errors and increase work efficiencies.
- Monitoring and Reporting
- Responsible for developing forecasting techniques to assist with staffing needs and attendance issues and utilizing tracking tools to monitor order volume, credits and return, inbound/outbound call volume trends, talk time duration, dropped calls, customer call monitoring to ensure call quality.
- Budgeting
- Develop and Communicate strategies to assist with department expenses as they relate to staffing and operational needs, supplies, complimentary customer discounts related to escalated calls.
- Team Support and Collaboration
- Responsible for resolving escalated customer issues in a timely manner.
Work with internal/external customers to set clear expectations and support the customer promise.
Anticipates change/issues and deals with them proactively.
Work closely with field representatives and sales teams to educate them on the company s core competencies and to build confidence through the consistent execution of the customer promise.
Assist management with creating an upbeat, proactive customer focused environment built on a foundation of meeting customer needs and maintaining the customer promise.
Primary point of contact in the absence of the Sr. Customer Service Manager.
Collaborate with program management, sales and warehouse representatives to accurately define customer requirements as well as implement effective programs and monitor produced results.
- Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience required in Customer Service or a related field

- 7 10 years of customer service experience and/or call center experience

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