Thursday, January 19, 2012

Curriculum/School Developer for KIPP schools in Ohio

Under the leadership of our Executive Director, Hannah Powell, and a visionary board of directors in Columbus, we have launched a search for a Fisher Fellow to found and lead the FIRST KIPP elementary school in Ohio. For the right instructional leader, this will be an opportunity to spend a year visiting exceptional KIPP and non-KIPP schools nationwide, designing an elementary school from the ground up, and then founding a school that grows one grade at a time.

Here is a link to our website to find out more information:

The ideal requirements are: 4+ years teaching experience in a high performing urban elementary school, and adult management experience is a huge plus (Grade level chair, Dean, AP, etc.)

If you’re at all interested in hearing more about this opportunity (the application deadline is February 19), please shoot me a quick reply or you can reach out directly to Hannah Powell

The KIPP school in Columbus, KIPP Journey, has over the last 4 years made a transformation from a struggling school to a B+ in the state of Ohio, and their results continue to move northward.

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