Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Field Supervisor of Industrial Cleaning in Dayton

COMPANY NAME: Veolia ES- Technical Solutions
JOB TITLE: Field Supervisor

DESCRIPTION: Veolia Environmental Services delivers the industry’s most comprehensive array of services with a focus on keeping our customer's facilities operating at peak performance. We leverage three decades of experience, superior technological capabilities and best-in-class equipment to provide unmatched integrated solutions designed to help our customers work with greater speed and efficiency than ever before, on time and on budget.
Our Field Supervisors participate in the field as well as supervising field employees. The individual has a minimum of 2.5 years industry experience

-Provide daily supervision over assigned crews, including observation of “on the job" performance appraisals and disciplinary action in accordance with company policies.
-Perform Hazard Recognition Awareness to remove all hazards from the workplace.
-Investigate customer complaints and take proper action to resolve them on a timely basis.
-Oversee assignment of personnel and equipment to meet requirements of job.
-Conduct safety meetings and investigate accidents.

- Lead goal-setting for all assigned crews.
- Maintain staffing levels consistent with anticipated demand.
-In addition, Field Supervisors will also conduct performance evaluation and training of assigned personnel, inspect equipment periodically to ensure maintenance and safety standards are being met and recommend supplies and equipment purchases.
-Also, they will balance workloads, manage productivity and customer service using measurement tools such as Customer Feedback Surveys and mentor employee as they progress through their career path.
-This position does require travel throughout the Midwest

Position Requirements: GED / High school diploma required
Minimum of 2.5 or more years work experience in industrial cleaning.
Must pass operator exam prior to completion of hiring.
Possess and maintain, as a minimum, CDL Class B or higher. Demonstrated ability to work well with customers and employees.
Ability to read and understand budgets, reports and policies.
Ability to write simple reports and make mathematical calculations.
Problem solving skills.
Ability to scope out and estimate jobs for assigned primary service line(s).
Communication skills, written and oral.
Knowledge of Company policies, procedures and employee programs to provide information and direction to assigned crews.
Pass annual written exam during annual review period

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Pass a medical and drug test. Physically capable of performing all duties and responsibilities assigned. Specifically, lift 50 pounds Ability to work in adverse work conditions, varying from very hot to very cold. Able to work in very wet environments as well as very dry environments Physically capable of standing, shoveling and performing other types of physical work for long periods of time. Capable of working long shifts under adverse conditions (up to 16 hours a day, and up to 14 days in a row). Ability to safely perform work using high pressure water shotguns (up to 40,000 PSI) with back thrust up to 6o pounds of thrust.
Ability to safely handle up to a 6 inch vacuum hose (with up to 6,500 cubic feet of air moving thru the hose per minute, traveling at speeds of up to 160 MPH). Medically and physically capable of wearing respirator while performing the above listed work. 100% ability to stay focused on surrounding hazards at all times while performing job requirements in extremely hazardous work environments (i.e. steel mills, power plants, refineries, chemical plants, etc).

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