Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Part-time Associate Producer at WCMH-TV

NBC-4 (WCMH-TV) is looking for a part-time Associate Producer. This person is responsible for assisting the newscast producer with writing and organizing of the broadcast product as well as writing for It is critical that an Associate Producer be a highly motivated individual who is well versed in the rules of journalism, capable of working in a self directed environment and able to exercise a high level of creativity, innovation and enterprise when creating content for presentation across multiple media delivery platforms. Qualified candidates will have a B.A. or B. S from an accredited college or university. Exceptions to the educational requirements could be made to candidates with strong professional experience or skills in a critical coverage area of interest, who also exhibits an ability to work in a self-directed envoronment and a creative imagination to create unique content. Less than a year's experience working in a television newsroom is preferred. Experience should include a demonstration of writing. To apply, please send your resume to WCMH-TV HR, or apply online at Background check and drug screen required.
If you know of persons ,particularly minority group memebers and/or women, who might be interested in working at our station, please refer them to this opportunity.

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