Thursday, January 19, 2012

Director of Veterinary and Surgical Services at Battelle

JOB TITLE: Director/Manager of Veterinary and Surgical Services
COMPANY Battelle

Our Health and Life Sciences Division is currently seeking a full time Director/Manager of Veterinary and Surgical Services. This position is located in the Columbus and West Jefferson OH area.

Overall Position responsibilities:As a manager of veterinary and surgical services, duties will include direct oversight of veterinarians, research surgeon, and veterinary and surgical technicians; oversight of the animal care and use program; service as the Attending Veterinarian; responsibility for assigning weekend and emergency on-call duty and weekday assignments; development and revision of standard operating procedures; development and maintenance of training manuals and programs associated with veterinary and surgical programs; and assessment of program metrics as they pertain to animal health and welfare. The individual will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the Animal Welfare Act, PHS Policy, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Regulations, as appropriate and will be responsible for maintaining AAALAC accreditation. He/she will provide leadership of the veterinary and surgical discipline across multiple locations.

Successful performance of these duties will be achieved through:
· Direct the training and development of the veterinary and surgical staff in current and novel procedures and techniques.
· Support the publication of manuscripts that further the Battelle business model · Manage the performance of the veterinary and surgical staff as defined in the Battelle competencies, core values, and balanced scorecard
· Providing veterinary consultation to research staff
· Participation in qualifying animal vendors through inspection and assessment of vendor facilities, procedures, and records
· Staying current in the field through the review of pertinent journals, references, databases and attendance of technical meetings
· Retaining recognition in the field through active participation of external organizations, especially through the maintenance of leadership roles
· Maintaining accurate and detailed research data and documentation
· Reviewing, revising, and writing standard operating procedures, training manuals, and data collection forms
· Knowledge of and participation in the clinical and emergency veterinary care of a wide variety of species including, at a minimum, inspection of animals upon receipt; evaluation of health during quarantine period; performance of physical exams; review of clinical pathology data; assessment and treatment of animals; and performance of ophthalmic examinations, endoscopy/bronchoscopy, and radiology, with production of associated technical reports · Maintaining competency in basic computer skills (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint) · Providing animal program recommendations to management that are based on business need, efficiency, process improvement, safety, as well as animal health and welfare · Interacting with clients · Responsibility for monitoring and developing programs related to: pest control, sanitization, movement of animals, staff, and equipment within the facility, animal health, care, and welfare; animal source; disease monitoring; environmental conditions; bedding, feed, and water source and acceptability; and emergency management. Additional Responsibilities, as required: · Respond appropriately to various alarms and potential emergency situations.· Be aware of and follow Chemical agent facility and Bio-facility requirements.

Requirements:· Individual holds a DVM, VMD or equivalent from a University accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (or has passed equivalency testing), be licensed to practice in the United States, and is ACLAM boarded with good standing. · He/she must be capable of maintaining USDA (APHIS) accreditation as well as a current DEA registration. Experience with a variety of species including but not limited to: rodents, rabbits, ferrets, cats, non-human primates, pigs, and dogs is essential.· Fluency in written and spoken English and the ability to work as part of a research team are essential.· At least 5 years of experience in FDA/EPA Good Laboratory Practices is required.· A minimum of 3 years experience managing professional and technical level staff; 5 years experience preferred. · Past experience in biotech, pharma, and/or CRO is preferred.· Past experience as an Attending Veterinarian or Assistant/Associate Attending Veterinarian required. · Must be a U.S. citizen. Applicant must pass a physical examination; have medical clearance to wear a respirator.

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