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Muse Machine: Executive Director

Job Title: Executive Director
Reports to: Board of Directors
Date Posted: October 31, 2011

Muse Machine is seeking a dynamic nonprofit leader who is passionate about changing the lives of young people through the arts to fill the role of executive director.

Basic Purpose: The Executive Director (“ED”) is The Muse Machine’s chief executive and leader. As such, the Executive Director is responsible for leading the organization to achieve its mission. Duties include, but are not limited to, executive oversight of fundraising, programming, budgeting and planning, personnel management, and daily operations.

Major Responsibilities:
  • Vision, Mission and Long-Range and Strategic Planning: The ED’s role has both strategic and operational components. Working with the Board, the ED must develop a shared vision for the future of the organization, build understanding around the current mission, and develop appropriate goals and strategies to advance that mission.
  • Accomplishment of Management Objectives: Working with the Board, the ED establishes operational objectives that support the strategic plan. The ED is responsible for leading the staff in the implementation of the strategic plan and the annual plan.
  • Program Development and Delivery: The Muse Machine carries out its mission by offering specific programs and services. The ED leads the staff in managing and administering these programs and services. This requires a thorough knowledge of the Muse Machine's mission area as well as an understanding of technical, operational and ethical issues.
  • Fundraising and Resource Development: The ED, in partnership with the board and appropriate staff, is responsible for implementing fundraising and financial development strategies. The ED and board use their combined strengths, knowledge, and relationships to help the organization achieve its objectives. The ED takes the lead in developing and sustaining a network of corporate and personal donors that provides a reliable source of funding for organizational activities.
  • Fiscal Management: Ensuring that income is managed wisely is especially important for a nonprofit organization operating in the public trust. It is the role of the ED to see that solid planning and budgeting systems are in place and that the Muse Machine's goals and strategic plan serve as the basis for sound financial planning. In addition, it is the ED's responsibility to ensure that qualified staff are hired to accurately monitor, assess, and manage the financial health of the Muse Machine.
  • Administration and Operations Management: The ED is responsible for day-to-day management of operations. The ED works with staff to develop, maintain, and use systems, policies and resources that facilitate the effective operation of the Muse Machine. The ED is responsible for hiring, supervising, coaching, setting objectives for, and reviewing the performance of staff and contract employees on a regular basis.
  • Executive Director/Board Partnership: The ED and the board work together as partners. Each arm of leadership draws upon its own unique strengths and abilities. The ED and the board have joint responsibility for developing and maintaining a strong working relationship and a system for sharing information.
  • Board/Staff Relationship: Because many organizational issues require a partnership of board and staff to be addressed effectively, the ED must work to create opportunities for staff to interact with board members and to ensure that board and staff have a good working relationship.
  • External Liaison and Public Image: The ED is responsible for establishing and maintaining positive relationships with the many groups that support the work of the Muse Machine. The ED communicates the organization’s vision and mission to organizational stakeholders and the community at large; works with the Board of Trustees, board committees, and other volunteers to carry out the mission of the organization; and represents the Muse Machine at the Culture Works Roundtable and other in community activities that benefit the organization.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Behavioral Competencies: This position requires an individual with strong business and management skills who also has a demonstrated passion for the arts, particularly as an educational tool for young people. Strong interpersonal skills are also required, as is an enthusiastic regard for achieving organizational results.
  • Education and Experience: A post-secondary degree and previous management experience is required. At least two years experience in non-profit arts administration, at a senior level, is preferred.
  • Specialized or Technical Knowledge and Skills: The position requires demonstrated evidence of financial management skills and a commitment to the arts community in its major forms. Insight and understanding of the concerns and issues facing educators is helpful.
Required Relationships:

The ideal candidate will have an understanding of the Greater Dayton Region as a business and arts community, and will be well-networked within these communities for the purpose of fundraising and maintaining the good reputation of Muse Machine. The ED will be expected to reside in or move to this community upon hiring. Candidates not currently having these attributes will, upon employment, shape with the Board an action plan to rapidly develop this understanding and network of relationships.

Direct Reporting Positions:
  • Responsible for a staff of 9 full- and part-time individuals as well as approximately 30 contract artists and content providers.
  • Annual Dollar Accountability:
  • Responsible for an annual budget of $1.4 million and minimum annual fundraising of $330K
How to Apply:
Please submit a cover letter, resume, salary requirements and references to Phone calls will not be accepted. Muse Machine is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to achieving a diverse workplace.

Apply by:
November 18, 2011. We expect that the candidate selected will be able to begin employment no later than February 1, 2012.

Commensurate with experience
Date Posted:
About this Organization:
Muse Machine is a nationally recognized arts education organization annually serving 70,000 students and their teachers in 10 counties in southwestern Ohio.

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